Automotive – hydrogen fueling stations

As hydrogen fuelling stations for fuel cell vehicles are rolled out across Europe, GreenHydrogen is well prepared to meet the demand with the new, compact and high yielding HyProvide™A60 electrolyser.

This compact, cost-effective electrolyser is the solution for on-site hydrogen production for hydrogen fuelling stations.

On-site Industry

For industries using large quantities of hydrogen, on-site hydrogen generation using electrolysers can be a greener and economically viable alternative to having hydrogen transported to site in high-pressure tubes and cylinders.


Hydrogen from electrolysers can be used directly as an energy carrier. An example is hydrogen-powered turbines and the hydrogen injected into the natural gas grid.  Hydrogen can also be used indirectly, combined with biogas and CO2 to create clean methane or methanol. GreenHydrogen also provides modular electrolysers and complete methanation solutions with capacity ranging from 43Nm3 to 1714m3 methane/hour.



Renewable energy from wind turbines and PV panels is a viable alternative energy supply for off grid communities and remote locations. Our electrolysers delivering 1 – 60Nm3 hydrogen/hour, combined with hydrogen fuel cells or a hydrogen powered generator – provide clean, effective backup power solutions that eliminate the need for diesel gensets.

Latest news

One HyProvide A60 electrolyser ordered by our French partner Nexeya

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GreenHydrogen exhibits on the Hannover Industry fair

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Modular, MW-scale HyProvide™ A-series electrolyser now available in 3 versions

The versatile and dynamic HyProvideA-series of electrolysers take alkaline technology to a whole new level.

The HyProvide™ A-series comes in 3 versions – A30, A60 and A90 (to be launched Q4 2019) and offers outstanding value for money with it’s high efficiency and fully dynamic operation (25-100%) without compromising quality,lifetime or performance. It comes as a complete, pre-tested electrolyser unit ready to deploy and power up for a variety of energy applications, including:

  • Hydrogen fuelling stations (automotive)
  • Power-to-X applications
  • Power-to-Power/ back-up & storage
  • On-site industrial applications

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