Hydrogen from electrolysers may be used directly as an energy carrier – e.g. in hydrogen powered turbines or injected into the natural gas grid – or indirectly, mixing hydrogen, biogas and CO2 in a process to create clean methane or methanol. GreenHydrogen provides modular electrolysers as well as complete methanation solutions with capacity from 43Nm3 -1714m3 methane/hour.


Automotive – hydrogen fueling stations

Hydrogen fueling stations for fuel-cell powered electrical cars, trucks, busses and forklifts are being rolled out across Europe – and with the new, compact and high yielding HyProvideA60 electrolyser, GreenHydrogen is well prepared for the growth in demand for cost effective and compact electrolysers for on-site hydrogen production for hydrogen fueling stations.



Renewable energy from wind turbines and PV panels is a viable energy supply alternative to off grid communities and remote, technical installations. Our electrolysers delivering 1 – 60Nm3 hydrogen/hour – combined with hydrogen fuel cells or a hydrogen powered generator – provides for effective and clean power backup solutions for renewable energy to replace diesel gensets.

Introducing HyProvide™ A60 - our modular electrolyser for energy applications

With its high efficiency, dynamic operation capabilities, outstanding price/performance and versatility,  HyProvideA60 takes alcaline electrolyser technology to a new level.

Developed to meet the requirements of the renewable energy market, HyProvideA60 is delivered including advanced inverter as a complete, pretested unit, ready to deploy and power up for a variety of energy applications:

  • Hydrogen fueling stations (automotive)
  • Power-to-Gas applications
  • Power-to-Power/ back-up & storage
  • On-site industrial applications

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