About GreenHydrogen


Since 2007, GreenHydrogen has provided complete and modular electrolysers, based on extensive R&D efforts in a close cooperation with leading technology partners and universities.

We strongly believe in the huge potential electrolysers have as a key technology in an energy supply system based on green, renewable energy.

GreenHydrogen cooperates with leading industry and technology partners, universities and infrastructure providers, who are leaders and experts in their field of operation. We participate in publicly and privately funded renewable energy projects in Denmark and internationally, and we are approved for participation in Danish energy projects under EUDP, FORSK-El and Innovation Fund Denmark as well as under the EU’s Horizon Programme.

We provide advanced alkaline and PEM electrolyser units with capacity of 1–60 Nm3 H2/hour. HyProvide A60™ is our latest alkaline, MW scale electrolyser platform, ready to be commercially released in early 2017.

GreenHydrogen is currently in the commercialization phase with our solutions focusing on the following target markets:

  • Automotive – on-site hydrogen production for hydrogen fuelling stations
  • Power-to-gas/methanation/hydrogen storage
  • Power-to-Power/power back-up solution for renewable energy applications and off grid installations
  • Industry – on-site hydrogen applications

Our MeGa-stoRE™ concept is a compact, modular and cost effective methanation solution with modules matching the HyProvide modules. It provides a shift in paradigms and sets new standards for the cost/benefit calculations on methanation solutions. MeGA-stoRE is in its final stages of lab testing, and together with our HyProvide electrolyser it will be deployed for a full scale, live test at a new biogas plant in Denmark in Q2 2017.

Beyond delivering high efficiency electrolysers and methanation solutions, GreenHydrogen provides comprehensive experience and expertise as consulting services. Our consulting services professionals are available to share their knowledge and vast hands-on experience with project developers, consulting engineers and authorities interested in sustainable, profitable hydrogen electrolyser solutions.

Financially, GreenHydrogen is backed by a strong group of Danish shareholders including EnergiMidt A/S, Borean Innovation A/S, Chr. Nielsens Fond and Nordtech-Optomatic A/S.