Our story


GreenHydrogen was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2007 as a spin-off from their traditional energy electronics businesses. An experienced management team was recruited from the UPS and back-up power supply industry to lead the company.

When our first electrolysers were built on-site in 2008 and 2009, it became clear that in order for electrolysis to become a key technology for the future, a paradigm shift was required. Electrolyser technology needed to undergo fundamental changes to take it to the next level.

GreenHydrogen set out to develop modular electrolysers, focusing on lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. This meant designing customized modules, built to provide complete, compact electrolysers, built-to-order and delivered as pre-tested turnkey solutions – ready to be powered up immediately on-site.

Our first modular electrolyser (in both the RME 2kW and 5 kW models) was launched in 2009 and used successfully for a number of demonstration projects across different applications.

In 2013, we delivered a complete electrolyser as part of a test project for a hydrogen fuelling station in Copenhagen City (CopenHydrogen project). It was a 2 x Nm3 H2/hour electrolyser – two standard units, fitted into a standard rack enclosure. Later we delivered RME units for Ericsson, who used them for on-site hydrogen generation for fuel-cells as a back-up power solution for renewable energy-powered RBS (mobile telecoms) masts in remote locations.

In 2010, we started planning for a new generation of MW-scale electrolysers for the energy infrastructure market – based on the same basic ideas and principles as the RME platform. Our concept was to deliver fully functional, customized electrolyser units that could be built to meet individual capacity requirements, from kW to MW.

The development project was initiated in 2011 with participation from Siemens, Technical University Copenhagen (DTU) and Aarhus University and received funding from Innovation Fund Denmark and EUDP (as part of the Danish Energy Agency).

From 2011, until the project was successfully completed in December 2015, the equivalent of over 80 years (700,800 hours) of time and effort had been invested in developing our new electrolyser platform named HyProvide™.

The first HyProvide A60™ is a 60Nm3 H2/hour system (250kW stack and 277 kW full system) delivering unprecedented efficiency and dynamics as well as providing unbeatable value in terms of price and performance. The HyProvide A60™’s compact footprint makes it perfectly suited for small, restricted spaces.

HyProvide A60™ is ready for commercial launch in Q1 2017.