Our goal is to be a market leader in large-scale, modular electrolysers and green hydrogen solutions, based on sustainable power from renewable energy sources -and  we believe we can do it!

The renewable energy market requirements, the growing demand for hydrogen solutions and our customer’s requirements are the key drivers of our R&D efforts and our business strategy.

We believe in a future with a completely fossil fuel-free energy supply and that electrolysers and hydrogen will play a key role in the renewable energy supply infrastructure.

We are proud of what our dedicated team continue to achieve, bringing a well know and proven technology – alkaline electrolysis – to a completely different level of productivity, efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

We believe in quality and in partnering with the best partners in open and mutually beneficial collaboration, because we want to deliver world-class solutions and service to our customers world wide – and we can’t do that alone.

We strive to deliver solutions that will fundamentally change the way electrolysers and hydrogen technology have up to now been delivered and operated, with focus on improving the business case for hydrogen applications by constantly driving down the TCO for our solutions.

We deliver on our promises and we believe in working closely with our customers and partners to create a mutually beneficial business relationship. We seek to understand their needs and requirements so they can be a guiding light in our R&D efforts.

We see technology as an enabler – not as the objective.

Give us a call – and let’s talk business