GreenHydrogen to deliver a HyProvide™ A60 electrolyzer for on-site hydrogen generation for a NEL hydrogen fuelling station in Mariestad, Sweden

First off- grid hydrogen fuelling station with on-site generation of green hydrogen – delivered by a HyProvide™A60 electrolyzer from GreenHydrogen

The project was awarded to GreenHydrogen’s partner Nilsson Energy AB last year after a public tender process. Nilsson Energy is responsible for the project and will deliver a complete PV installation, hydrogen storage system and the HyProvide electrolyzer as a turnkey delivery in cooperation with GreenHydrogen and other project partners.

The hydrogen fuelling station in Mariestad was first inaugurated in January 2017 using hydrogen supplied in pressurized cylinders. However Mariestad and Väner Energi – a regional energy and utility company who is the operator of the station – had already planned the next, ambitious step; to go completely green and off-grid with the fuelling station by adding solar power, electrolysis for on-site hydrogen generation, energy storage (both hydrogen stoage and batteries) and fuel cells for power generation and back up for the solar based power supply.

The solution is designed for a 24/7/365 operation ensuring that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be fuelled with green hydrogen around the clock.

GreenHydrogen’s HyProvide™ A-series (alkaline) of electrolyzers are designed for renewable energy applications and  to run dynamically with fluctuating supply of power from PV installations and wind turbines. For the project, GreenHydrogen will deliver a complete, containerized version of HyProvide A60 and system integration with the NEL H2Station® front-end.

The project delivery is ongoing with commissioning expected in February. The station will be in full operation in March 2019.

For further information please contact CEO Niels-Arne Baden, GreenHydrogen, Denmark


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