GreenHydrogen recieves an order for 6 advanced PEM electrolysers

GeenHydrogen receives an order for 6 advanced PEM electrolysers for integration into hydrogen refuelling stations in France

The French region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté will utilize the electrolyzers in advanced hydrogen energy systems developed by our partner MAHYTEC, France in a project associated with knowledge sharing within energy transition and a zero-emission future.

5 selected high-schools in the region have been chosen to take part in the project that will allow students, and thus the future generations, to use this technology and learn about hydrogen energy and the capacity of storing renewable energy to create a completely clean and zero emission transport sector.

The solution offered by Mahytec converts renewable energy into hydrogen via an electrolyser from The hydrogen is stored in a composite tank at 30 bar as well as in 2 metal hydride storage tanks at very low pressure, all produced by MAHYTEC. In the system it is possible to reconvert the hydrogen back into electricity via a fuel cell. Another part of the hydrogen can be used to fill a fuel cell powered vehicle in a Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS). The vehicle – a quad model – has a local storage of hydrogen based on hydride at low pressure and a system of fuel cell and batteries delivering power to the electrical motor. This driveway, 100% ecologic, allows for the teachers to demonstrate how hydrogen applications and zero emission mobility work in practice.

The supply of the systems will be accompanied with a training program for the teachers to enable them to teach and demonstrate the hydrogen energy technology and to allow them to achieve a superior level of their knowledge. What better way is there to spread the knowledge about the important role hydrogen will play in the future energy matrix, and the opportunities it will bring to companies and the future development of society based on renewable energy.

A series of conferences will be arranged at the high schools with the objective to discuss future energy solutions based on findings and experience in the use of the systems. These conferences will be open for all students as well as their families and friends and all personnel working at the high schools.

The better understanding and demystification of the hydrogen technology is expected to help create new companies utilizing hydrogen in the future – and thus placing the Bourgogne-France-Comté region on the map as a forward looking region with a clear focus on renewable energy and the opportunities it will create in the future. The systems are expected to be put into operation in early 2018.


MAHYTEC is a company based in Dole, East of France and founded in 2008. MAHYTEC has developed a strong know-how in hydrogen storage and is now able to propose two technologies of storage. MAHYTEC develops compressed hydrogen storage, with type IV tanks, made of a polymer liner reinforced by carbon fibers which are able to store hydrogen at high pressure. MAHYTEC also manufacture metal hydride tanks, hydrogen is there absorbed in a metallic alloy and stored at a very low pressure. MAHYTEC offers its customers the most suitable solution for any applications when it comes to hydrogen storage with certified products and references all over Europe.

MAHYTEC also proposes complete systems to store energy, that includes electrolyser, storage, fuel cell, batteries and energy management. It is this know-how that was put forward in the proposal we made to the Région Bourgogne-Franche Comté and that allowed us to win the tender for the educational systems that will be installed in the 5 high schools.

For this project, MAHYTEC has decided to work with local partners from the Région Bourgogne Franche Comté but also with well-established partners as GreenHydrogen.

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