Automotive – electrolysers for hydrogen fuelling stations

As hydrogen fuelling stations for fuel cell vehicles are rolled out across Europe, GreenHydrogen is well prepared to supply the market with electrolysers for on-site, on-demand hydrogen production for hydrogen fuel stations.

Our compact electrolyser design was first tested in a hydrogen fuelling station in Copenhagen City in 2013. Together with fuelling station technology providers, we have since optimized our solution and increased capacity to ensure highly effective and flexible hydrogen production and hydrogen supply infrastructure designed specifically for the automotive market.


Go on-site

On-site hydrogen generation is a mature technology – and a cost effective alternative to hydrogen delivered in cylinders by diesel trucks.

HyProvideA60™ provides cost effective, on-site hydrogen generation with high yield (60Nm3 hydrogen/hour), fast ramp-up and dynamic operating capabilities (15-100%). This helps tackle the challenges of large fluctuations – and growth – in hydrogen fuelling demand.

The modular design of HyProvideA60™ makes future up-scaling easy, ensuring hydrogen fuel suppliers can match the growth in hydrogen fuel demand as the number of fuel-cell vehicles on the road continues to grow.

For operators of hydrogen fuelling stations, HyProvide A60™ makes on-site hydrogen production more profitable thanks to:

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Capacity,
  • High efficiency
  • Operating pressure of 30 bar, eliminating the need for more than one compressor step to reach the operational pressure of fuelling stations.

The result is a lower initial investment as well as lower overall operational costs.


Integration with available front-end fuelling technology

HyProvide A60™ can be integrated with existing hydrogen fuelling station front-end technology from a range of different providers. This optimizes the entire hydrogen supply system within the fuelling station, ensuring seamless integration and fast installation and commissioning on-site.

We work in partnership with a wide range of businesses. Contact us for further information about how we can work with you to improve your total product offering for hydrogen fuelling stations.