Renewable energy from wind turbines and PV panels is a viable energy supply alternative for off grid communities and remote, technical installations. If the system includes fuel cells or a diesel genset, it is often referred to as a Power-to-Power solution. Today, Power-to-Power solutions are typically backed up by batteries, or a mix of diesel gensets and batteries. Diesel gensets are noisy, expensive (to run and maintain) and create harmful emissions. Batteries are not the ideal solution either – particularly in locations with extreme temperatures or humid environments.

Adding on-site electrolysers, hydrogen storage, hydrogen fuel cells and/or a hydrogen power generator provides an effective, efficient and clean power backup system that may one day completely replace diesel gensets. Alternatively, diesel gensets can be modified to run partly on hydrogen injected into the air intake, increasing the energy efficiency of the generator and eliminating harmful emissions from the exhaust fumes. Depending on the application and site location, modified diesel generators can be an interim solution for local, operational staff who are already experienced in working with diesel gensets.  Over time, this modified diesel generator could be replaced by a hydrogen power generator or fuel cells.

Today, the typical Power-to-Power installation requires 1-4 Nm3 H2/hour and GreenHydrogen generally recommend our HyProvide™ P1 for such applications. More electrolysers can be connected in parallel to meet the required capacity. Electrolysers and storage can be installed and delivered in a standard Hi-Cube container – ready to be connected and powered up on-site.

We work with partners who are either geographical or vertical solution providers of renewable energy solutions based on PV panels and/or wind turbines. Our cooperation and involvement depends on the partner and the project. Typically, we provide electrolysers to order as specified by our partners, who take responsibility for the customer relations and project management, including system design, integration services, installation and commissioning.

We are always available to assist our partners in clarifying technical information and requirements, as well as specifying and designing the right solution for the project and it’s certainly possible for us to take an active role in the project delivery, installation and commissioning.

Please contact us to discuss how we can be part of the solution for your power-to-power projects:



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