HyProvide™ A30-A90 is our MW scale, alkaline electrolyser platform – delivering high efficiency, dynamic operation capabilities, fast ramp-up/down and outstanding price–performance ratio.

Each HyProvide™ A-series is a complete electrolyser unit in a compact design, fully configured including separator, dryer and deox unit, ready to deploy for:

  • Hydrogen fuelling stations (automotive)
  • Power-to-X
  • Power back-up & storage
  • On-site industrial use

Delivered as 30-90Nm3 H2/h building blocks, the modules are connected in parallel to provide MW capacity, managed by our HyProManage software.

HyProvide™ A-series advantages

  • Pressurised, alkaline electrolyser based on a proven, stable and low-cost technology
  • High efficiency electrodes and stack design
  • Unique dynamic range (25-100%)
  • Rapid power up/ power down for renewable energy applications and power grid balancing
  • +10-years expected life time for complete system -all parts in the lye circuit are nickel coated for anti corossion protection
  • o precious metals or high-cost components used in the system
  • Developed with focus on lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership
  • Fully upgradeable – from A30-A90
  • Stand-alone for in-building/plant floor installations and can be fitted in 20 or 40ft containers
  • Easy installation and start-up with very limited site preparations required
  • Electrolyser surroundings are non-ATEX
  • Easy to install and connect – all connections are located at the top of the inverter
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • HyProManager™ software for on-site and remote monitoring and system management of one or multiple units as one clustered resource, e.g. one MW or as a number of individual units
  • Standard interface for connection to SCADA and grid balancing/grid management systems
  • HyProAct™ – advanced system monitoring algorithm that proactively suggests preventive service and maintenance requirements


Nominal output

  • H2 production: 30-90 Nm3/h or 2,7-8,1 kg/h
  • H2 pressure: 35 bar
  • H2 purity: 99.995
  • Impurities (H2O): <5ppm

Nominal input

  • Power: 250 kW (stack) – 277 kW (total system incl. inverter)
  • AC Voltage: 3x400V, 50 Hz
  • Net water consumption/h: 1L/Nm3
  • Water quality: <5µS/cm2


  • Dynamic range: 25-100%
  • Ambient temperature: +5⁰-+30⁰
  • Ambient humidity: 0-90% RH, non-condensing
  • System lifetime: >10 years
  • Footprint: 1800x1100x2300mm
  • Weight: < 3600 kg