MeGa-StoRE™ is a flexible, modular methanation platform for methane fuel factories (Sabatier).

MeGa-stoRE is a funded R&D project where we are developing a completely modular methanation solution for capacity needs of 43Nm3–1714m3 biogas/hour. Designed as an end-to-end methanation solution, the MeGa-stoRE concept includes HyProvide electrolyser modules, gas purifying modules and methanation reactor modules.

Designed for use in methane fuel factories

A methane fuel factory is a biogas plant with electrolysers producing hydrogen (an example of this could be electrolysers powered by excess wind power).

Hydrogen is used to upgrade the biogas in a catalytic process (named methanation) to clean methane, often named Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). The green methane can be injected into the natural gas pipeline to replace fossil-based natural gas. It can also be utilized in different chemical processes (e.g. for fossil-free fuel production). Electrolysers in methanation fuel factories can simultaneously be used for power grid balancing purposes.

Methanation based on the Sabatier process involves hydrogen being produced in the electrolyser as it is powered by excess energy from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. This energy is injected into the Sabatier reactor, where it is mixed and reacts with purified biogas in a catalytic process, producing pure methane (CH4).

GreenHydrogen’s methanation concept – MeGa-StoRE™ – is a complete and integrated solution including electrolysers, gas purifiers and methanation reactors all delivered as matching modules. MeGa-stoRE™ provides unique advantages and differs from other methanation solutions, based on the Sabatier process, in several ways:

  • One-step Sabatier process
  • Higher output of methane – biogas is upgraded including CO2
  • No waste from gas purification process – only useful micro nutrients
  • Complete and modular solution – electrolysers, purifiers and Sabatier reactor modules
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Purifying system and Sabatier reactors delivered in standard 40″ racks
  • Delivered for any system capacity from 43m3 to 1714m3 methane/hour
  • Opportunity for low initial investment – and incremental investments in methanation capacity

Project status

Initiated in 2013, MeGa-stoRE has been developed as a joint project funded by  (FORSK-EL). The first system for full scale, live operational testing was delivered in Q4 2018 to NGF Nature Energy’s newt biogas plant in Heden (Denmark) where it has yielded significant results and experience for live operation of a methane plant.

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