GreenHydrogen receives order for two HyProvide™ electrolysers – to a ship powered by photovoltaics and hydrogen fuel cells

The two HyProvide™ P1 (PEM) electrolysers including an advanced dryer solution will be delivered in project partnership with Swiss Hydrogen. Swiss Hydrogen is developing energy systems for a long range of fuel cell applications. The current order for the two HyProvide™ electrolysers placed by Swiss Hydrogen is the result of a close cooperation in the past three months between GreenHydrogen and Swiss Hydrogen, adapting the HyProvide™ electrolysers and dryer technology to the ship application. The hydrogen fuel cells for the project are delivered by Swedish Power Cell.

The marine industry is an interesting area, in which capacity to deliver electricity without emissions is extremely important. More and more countries are demanding fossil-free energy for marine fields of application. The Netherlands has decided to develop fossil-free ferries. Norway, that was an early user of battery operations, is far advanced in establishing fuel cell-powered ships. Over the next few years car ferries, passenger ferries and fishing boats will be powered by fuel cell technology in Norway.

“Hydrogen gas will replace diesel in a marine industry that is forced to reduce its emissions. The ship in question will be a mobile show-case that describes how effective and reliable the hydrogen gas technology is in marine environments”, said Alexandre Closset, CEO, Swiss Hydrogen SA.

In the project, the ship will be supplied with a system that encompasses on board production of hydrogen from the two solar powered HyProvide™ electrolysers, storage of hydrogen and two fuel cells each one 30 kW, which amounts to 80 hp in total.