Power-to-gas solutions

With power-to-gas applications, electrolysers produce hydrogen that is used either directly as an energy carrier or indirectly, mixed with other gasses, to create energy carriers with various useful properties.


Applications for direct use of hydrogen as an energy carrier:

  • Hydrogen-powered turbines or hydrogen fuel cells for electricity production (often referred to as “power-to-power”)
  • Direct injection of hydrogen into the natural gas pipeline (often referred to as “energy storage”), where it replaces fossil based natural gas


Applications for use of hydrogen to produce other energy carriers:

  • Methanation: hydrogen mixed with biogas and CO2 in a catalytic or biological process, producing a clean methane gas (often referred to as “Synthetic Natural Gas” or “SNG”). SNG may be injected into the natural gas pipeline to replace fossil-based natural gas.
  • Methanol (fuel): hydrogen mixed with biogas and/or CO2 in a catalytic process producing a green methanol that may be used for the automotive market


Upgrading biogas to a synthetic natural gas (SNG) is an important step in the transition from a fossil-based energy supply system to a green energy supply system.

SNG is a highly useful and clean energy carrier, allowing for huge amounts of excess renewable energy to be stored in the existing natural gas pipelines. SNG makes it possible to utilize the huge natural gas infrastructure investments across Europe, prolonging the depreciation time for this infrastructure.

GreenHydrogen has gained expertise in power-to-gas applications over recent years, mainly due to our MeGa-stoRE project. This is a funded R&D project to develop a completely modular solution to match the capacity requirements of 43Nm3 -1714m3 biogas/hour – as well as from other projects.

For power-to-gas applications and projects, typical project leaders are industry technology providers, such as providers of Sabatier methanation reactors and biological methanation solutions, utility companies and providers of turnkey biogas plants.

By focusing on the hydrogen production value chain – inverter and electrolyser – GreenHydrogen is open to cooperative partnerships for power-to-gas projects. As a project partner, we contribute our complete Hydroxide™ A60 platform, our expertise and engineering capabilities to ensure a successful project delivery.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can work together to deliver power-to-gas solutions for your project.


MeGa-stoRE is a funded R&D project to develop a modular methanation solution to match capacity requirements of 43Nm3 -1714m3 biogas/hour.


GreenHydrogen’s MeGa-stoRE is a complete concept – a solution that contains HyProvide electrolyser modules, gas purifying modules and methanation reactor modules – delivering an end-to-end methanation solution.


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