GreenHydrogen's core technologies and competencies


HyProvide™ – advanced alkaline and PEM electrolysers 

Features of these advanced alkaline and PEM electrolyser platforms include:

  • Each module is delivered as a pre-tested turnkey module, including the inverter and controller – ready to be powered up
  • Modules can be combined to deliver the capacity you need
  • Single unit capacity is 60Nm3 H2 per hour. Our modular solutions provide capacity of up to 2,400 Nm3 H2 per hour
  • Alkaline stack design with:
    • High density, long-lasting activated electrodes
    • Low cost cell frames
  • Full BoP design for optimised production flow, efficiency and dynamics
  • In-house developed system components, including de-ox unit, dryer, heat exchanger, pressure control system
  • Complete management and control software


Integrated inverter and power electronics

Features of the integrated inverter and power electronics include:

  • Optimization of the entire hydrogen value chain – from power to hydrogen gas – delivering maximum efficiency
  • Split-second power-up/- down provides optimized dynamics
  • Full support for power balancing capabilities including capacitive and inductive loads


Methanation technology

Our methanation technology is based on the Sabatier process.