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Brand new production facilities

March 2nd, 2021|

Green Hydrogen Systems gears up for the rising demand with brand new production facilities. Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS), a leading provider of efficient electrolysers used in on-site production of [...]

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Our promise

Green hydrogen at the lowest levelized cost available

Infinitely available and potentially green, hydrogen comprises an ever-growing share of the world’s energy mix. The barrier has always been the cost of delivering hydrogen “green.”

At GHS, we have cracked the code to producing green hydrogen at any volume – from just a few hundred kW to multi-MW scale – at the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) available anywhere.

We’ve done it by combining our highly efficient alkaline electrolyzers, a modular, scalable approach to system design, and our on-site production philosophy – resulting in low-CAPEX electrolysis solutions that our customers are deploying today.

“GHS’s electrolysers and on-site production approach have enabled us to start meeting our customers’ demand for solar-produced hydrogen.”

— Hans-Olof Nilsson, Nilsson Energy, Sweden

HyProvide A-Series

Standardised, modular alkaline electrolysers

The HyProvide™ A-Series is the world’s only complete alkaline electrolysis solution available in standardized, modular configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability.

An A-Series unit gives you >99.998% pure and dry hydrogen at 35 bar – ideal for direct storage, further compression or immediate use as is.

Available in 30, 60 or 90 Nm3/h versions and fully upgradable,
these units can operate standalone or clustered to meet required volumes of green hydrogen up to multi-MW scale.

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The HyProvide™ A-Series is the most efficient alkaline electrolyser available today. Designed to accommodate the input fluctuations that often come with renewable energy sources, the A-Series insures consistently high output while minimizing power consumption.


On-site production is integral to the GHS concept. It minimizes the cost of green hydrogen by removing transportation from the equation, and it gives those in need of hydrogen energy independence regardless of location. Our units fit easily into a standard container – or less space if required.


As the only standardised, modular electrolyser on the market, the A-Series lets you cluster units to scale from 15 Nm3/1.4 kg to over 3330 Nm3/300 kg of hydrogen per hour . When clustering, our control system enables you to control units individually or together as a group for ultimate flexibility.

GHS is growing fast, so if you want to join Denmark’s newest cleantech star, send us your unsolicited application or reply to the job listings on our Careers page. We are always on the outlook for talent!

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Who we serve

Fueling stations

HyProvide™ electrolysers are currently producing hydrogen from renewable energy for fuel cell electric busses (FCEB) and cars, with several new deployments planned for 2020. Deployments for emission-free ferries are also in the works.

For all these installations, high-efficiency electrolysis, a modular, scalable approach and on-site production have driven costs down to far below the cost of hydrogen delivered in pressurized cylinders or tube trailers.

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In Power-to-X applications, our electrolysers produce hydrogen for direct injection into the natural gas grid, or for combining with biogas and CO2 to produce clean methane or methanol. Our Power2Met system, for example, is a 10–30 MW turnkey solution for upgrading biogas CO2 to green methane.

Our electrolyzers are also ideal for Power-2-Power applications in off-grid communities and remote locations, or in combination with hydrogen fuel cells or a hydrogen-powered generator as a clean replacement for diesel gensets.

Special projects

Hydrogen is used in many applications in many industries around the world, and not all of these fit into easily definable categories.

If you need hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, feel free to contact us. Chances are, we will be able to meet your needs with our low-CAPEX low LCOH electrolyzers.


Large quantities of hydrogen are required for different purposes in many industries. Today, this hydrogen is normally produced off-site and delivered to the factory.

Producing green hydrogen on site using scalable GHS electrolyser clusters is a viable alternative for many industrial sites, enabling them to improve their green profile and become more energy independent. What’s more, green hydrogen produced via on-site electrolysis is often considerably less costly than hydrogen delivered from industrial gas companies.

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