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Danish test zones


New Danish test zone shows the way for the European energy transition In a historic decision, the Danish government has designated two Danish companies as official regulatory energy test zones: [...]

Danish test zones2021-05-05T13:48:18+02:00

Visit from Danish politicians


Visit from Danish politicians The interest in green hydrogen technology coming from politicians, investors, and industry players is growing immensely – and so is the interest in our company. In [...]

Visit from Danish politicians2021-05-05T10:15:10+02:00

New UK order


Green Hydrogen Systems receives its first UK order for a green hydrogen production project We are excited to announce that Green Hydrogen Systems received its first order for a hydrogen [...]

New UK order2021-05-05T10:15:46+02:00

GHS enters the Australian market


Green Hydrogen Systems takes its electrolysis equipment to Australian shores Green Hydrogen Systems, a leading provider of efficient pressurised alkaline electrolysers used in onsite hydrogen production based on renewable electricity, [...]

GHS enters the Australian market2021-04-06T13:27:58+02:00

GHS in the news


Article with Søren Rydbirk CCO in H2View  Our new CCO was interviewed in the latest issue of H2 View. Søren highlights the benefits of our pressurised alkaline electrolysis technology in [...]

GHS in the news2021-03-30T14:54:50+02:00

Brand new production facilities


Green Hydrogen Systems gears up for the rising demand with brand new production facilities. Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS), a leading provider of efficient electrolysers used in on-site production of hydrogen [...]

Brand new production facilities2021-03-02T10:47:38+01:00

Ørsted chooses GHS as electrolysis partner


Ørsted chooses Green Hydrogen Systems' electrolysers for pivotal wind-to-hydrogen demo project Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS), a leading provider of efficient electrolysers used in on-site production of hydrogen based on renewable [...]

Ørsted chooses GHS as electrolysis partner2021-02-27T22:19:38+01:00
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